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About Cimara

Cimara empowers agencies to plan, connect and engage a large workforce in real-time, enabling senior staff to manage incidents, resources, events, staff roster and internal communications in one centralised platform.

The project takes a holistic approach to planning and presents solutions beyond resource management. It addresses the long-standing need for a reliable and accurate resource management system that enables managers, resource coordinators and Incident Management Teams to manage resources effectively.

Built with Purpose

Developed initially to address the needs of two government agencies after discovering that no off-the-shelf systems were available.

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Delivery and Scalability

Cimara has been developed by a team of professionals from the ground up ensuring high level of flexibility and scalability.

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Impact and Value

A holistic system created to support the needs of agencies with complex workforce management requirements.

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What our clients say

  • What 372 Digitial has built in Cimara for ACT Parks and Conservation Service, is a modular system which enables Agencies to roster staff, track availability, manage fatigue and forward plan for various types of incidents. Cimara provides a solid foundation which can evolve as business requirements change over time.

    Brian L
    Senior Fire Management Officer
  • The application for the first time allow our agency to have instant two way communications with our diverse workforce. It has raised internal communication and engagement within our agency to a whole new level.

    Dominic L
    Agency Commissioner
  • The communication module of Cimara provides the agility a modern, forward-thinking organisation needs to fine tune internal communication messaging and strategies in a timely manner to maximise successful workforce engagement.

    Darren C
    Manager, Internal Communications

Built with scalability, flexibility & ease of use in mind.

The build of Cimara began in 2015 when digital agency 372 Digital was awarded the opportunity to take part in Round 4 of the Digital Canberra Challenge (DCC) and build the communications application for the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA). The application then was named ESA Workforce Connect.

In 2017, shortly after the successful deployment of ESA Workforce Connect, followed the opportunity to build a complex rostering and resource management application for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS), as part of the ACT Government Small Business Innovation Partnerships (SBIP) program.

Given the task to build the application for PCS, the team at 372 Digital went on to combine both the ESA and PCS solutions in a modularised fashion while allowing both organisations to use their applications independently and simultaneously.

In 2018, the name Cimara which stands for Communication, Incident Management and Resource Allocation was given to commercially offer the product as a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution to organisations with similar or extended needs.

Awards & Recognitions

Digital Canberra Challenge 2015

Winner, ESA Workforce Connect

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