Delivery and Scalability

24 hours a day, 7 days a week product support

Solid foundation

Cimara is built on solid foundation. With a modular and API-First architecture, the platform ensures the flexibility and adaptability to support the needs of organisations as their digital demands grow.

Agile development

We value and are guided by the principles of agile software development. Agile development allows for a production cycle that gives the production team and the customer a solid feedback loop to continuously refine the end product. The number of development cycles is kept at a minimum for cost and speed purposes. This methodology has proven to be the most effective in large-scale software development.

Service standard

Our team actively look to continuously improve on productivity and standard of service. This includes keeping up-to-date with emerging or converging technologies, changes in government policy, customer demand and other environmental conditions. We are able to move quickly and easily with a proven ability to frequently reassess and adapt to changes in plans and project requirements.


Our production team has meticulously crafted Cimara with scalability in mind. The solution has been built on API-First architecture to provide omnichannel experiences and cater to the needs of customers with varying application integration requirements. The core features are modularised, offering the flexibility that enables agencies to simultaneously use one or a combination of modules available, as well as extend each module’s capability uniquely for an agency as required.

The Cimara solution is receptive to its customer needs and has been developed on a solid foundation which can evolve as business requirements change over time. It is constantly undergoing refinement with new features being introduced each month.

Quality assurance

Cimara undergoes a meticulous system design and development process, thoroughly reviewing all requirements and mapping of all instances. We have a refined pipeline that runs in scope from platform planning, interface design into production and deployment. This intimately woven process allows all appropriate parties to give input in relevant areas when necessary, resulting in a far superior end product. The process results in on-going assistance and support for a secure project from inception to operation.


Our team provides a 24/7/365 support service for Cimara. In an emergency, support staff are alerted via phone or email and the issue is attended to immediately as a matter of priority. Since the installation of an auto error notification plugin to alert support staff of any system abnormalities, many issues are resolved ahead of time before they are discovered.

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