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Complex workforce management made simple

Cimara was initially developed for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) and the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) after discovering that no of-the-shelf systems were available to meet their complex workforce management requirements. The system is now in full operation and has been widely accepted by staff in both agencies.

Communication module

In early 2015, the communication module of Cimara was developed based on extensive feedback from across the ESA workforce and adopting worlds best practise for effective communication. The solution provides real time statistics to ESA’s senior executives on the effectiveness of individual communication products or levels of interest in a particular issue in real time, as well as the agility a modern forward thinking organisation needs to fine tune internal communication messaging and strategies to maximise successful workforce engagement.

Rostering, Incident and Resource Management modules

In late 2016 through an ACT Government Small Business Innovation Partnerships (SBIP), PCS sought the procurement of a multi-faceted resource management system. As an employer with a diverse range of land management responsibilities, and a range of different work patterns and work-sites, rostering staff, tracking their availability, managing fatigue and forward planning for their various incidents was becoming increasingly more complex, difficult and time consuming. PCS originally transitioned from a firmly entrenched, individual excel spreadsheets across multiple worksites to a centrally managed system developed on the Microsoft Access platform. They found that it didn’t meet their needs and was met with resistance from staff. Ultimately it was determined that they should adopt a web-based system that had buy-in from staff and management.

PCS quickly discovered that there were no off-the-shelf systems that met their needs. Through the competitive SBIP process PCS discussed their needs with specialist companies from across Australia. While some companies had systems that partly met their needs, it became apparent that customisation would be too costly and it was at this point that they identified 372 Digital as the company best equipped to build the organisation a modular system from scratch.

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