Core Features

Cimara / Communications, Incident Management and Resource Allocation

Workforce management made simple

Cimara is a user-centred application that has been meticulously crafted by our production team with ease-of-use, adaptability and flexibility in mind. The features in Cimara are modularised and can be adjusted or improved easily to suit an organisation’s workforce management requirements.

API Capability

API Capability

Built on API-First architecture to provide omnichannel experiences and cater to the needs of customers with various application interaction requirements.



Cimara’s system has been built in a modularised fashion, offering the flexibility that enables efficient new feature expansions and customisations.

Accessibility & Usability

Accessibility & Usability

The user interface has been designed with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in mind. It is crafted meticulously and is constantly undergoing refinement to facilitate seamless browsing experience and accessibility.

Business rules configuration

Add new or configure existing business rule sets to perform actions such as the management of crew members in vehicles, staff fatigue and equipment handling based on user qualification.

  • Fatigue management
  • Informatively allocate people and equipment

Mobile communication

Engage in a two-way mobile communication with a diverse workforce and view real-time stats, with tools to create, edit, moderate and distribute various types of communication products to work groups and individuals.

  • Distribute communication products to work groups or individuals
  • Two-way communication between senior members and staff within and across multiple groups
  • App available for download on Android Play and Apple App stores
  • High-level encryption
  • Distribute text with image, video, audio or PDF attachments, including RSVP requests
  • Notify admin of a new communication response
  • Distribute incident and event information to participants and other member groups (available with Incident Management module)
  • Alert members of Fire Readiness level (available with Roster module)

Detailed reporting

Cimara provides detailed reporting out of the box, from the viewing of user communication stats to printing of detailed event reports. Cimara can be extended to suit any business reporting requirements.

  • Stand-by report
  • Incident or event plans
  • Resources used
  • Location rosters
  • Individual rosters
  • Incident or event reports
  • End of season report
  • Management reports

Incident & event planning

Efficiently manage large service operations, organise events, schedule group training sessions, assign and deploy resources while updating all related instances system wide in real-time.

  • Plan for one-day or multi-day event
  • Allocate resources such as people and vehicles
  • Plan incidents or events into smaller units
  • Create an Incident Management Team
  • Print detailed reports
  • Adaptive and responsive rostering
  • Allocate resources based on business rules

Real-time rostering

Highly complex rostering made simple with a long list of features such as work and role pattern creation, roster conflict alerts, advance list filter and copy/paste to cell, just to name a few.

  • Create, save and apply work and role patterns in any combination to a staff roster
  • Roster activity codes
  • Assign crew members based on alert level
  • Assign tasks based on qualification
  • Roster calendar
  • Roster by resource and location
  • Advance list sorting filter
  • Organise list of names in groups
  • Set default rostering management view
  • View and manage staff availability
  • Multiple roster listing views

Member availability & calendar

Cimara provides an easy to use application that allows staff to seamlessly manage their availability, view updates to their roster and colleague’s roster in real-time with all updates applied system wide.

  • Ability for staff to nominate their availability
  • Mobile responsive for multi device accessibility
  • View depot and colleague roster
  • Staff can leave a comment about their availability

Resource management

Allocate workforce resources such as people, equipment and vehicles to a roster or incident plan, while taking into consideration their availability, qualifications and other business rule configurations.

  • Resource availability
  • Location management
  • Identify clashes with resource availability
  • Resource codes
  • Auto assign people to units that are added to incidents or events
  • Fire readiness level management

User groups, roles & qualifications

Assign a user into a group or a number of groups, set their application access level, manage their roles and qualifications and other configurations such as dietary requirements.

  • Multi-level user groups and categories
  • Multi user access levels
  • Import and export staff information

Production Roadmap

Cimara constantly undergoes refinement with new features being introduced each month.

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Standards Compliance

Cimara has been designed and developed to comply with relevant industry standards.

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System Security

We are committed to the stability, integrity and security of the system.

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Upcoming Features

New features are added frequently

The build of Cimara is constantly undergoing refinement with new features being introduced each month. This Product Overview release lists all the functional and non-functional items already available out of the box.

There is a good chance that a feature you are looking for that is currently not in this overview is in our project plan. To find out more, please contact us and one our team members will be in touch to answer your questions.

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