Impact and Value

Benefits and possibilities for all installations

One central platform

Cimara was the result of a need to create a holistic system that combines multiple workforce management platforms. It facilitates the real-time management of internal communications, incidents, resources, rostering and staff availability.


What has been built in Cimara, is a modular system which enables agencies to effectively communicate with their staff, roster staff, track availability, manage fatigue and forward plan for various types of incidents. Cimara provides a solid foundation which can evolve as business requirements change over time.

The communication module of Cimara provides the agility a modern, forward-thinking organisation needs to fine tune internal communication messaging and strategies in a timely manner to maximise successful workforce engagement. The solution allows agencies to have instant two way communications with their large and diverse workforce.

Endless possibilities

The approach in which Cimara is built from opens doors to many possibilities, not only to provide service to emergency services and parks and conservation services, but also to mining, construction, transport, logistics and other protective services. Expansion to other markets will undoubtedly benefit all installations due to the opportunities discovered while building the features and configurations required by other agencies. These discoveries will then be implemented to existing modules where applicable to enhance the available features for all Cimara users.

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