Production Roadmap

On-going development and enhancement of Cimara

On-going development

Our team is committed to the ongoing development and enhancement of Cimara with an objective to provide and deliver to agencies, a real-time all-in-one workforce management software solution.

New features

The build of Cimara is constantly undergoing refinement with new features being introduced each month. New features introduced recently include:

  • Better track and report on communication responses and submissions
  • Add third-party resources and people to an incident or event
  • Add and remove staff from unit resources directly from an incident or event plan
  • Add notes or comments to an incident or event
  • Use additional filters inside the rostering module
  • Update staff availablity directly from the rostering window

And in the coming months, admins will be able to:

  • Generate custom reports for all modules from a list of available datasets
  • Group incidents and events
  • Including all users, log-in to multiple installations of Cimara using credentials they use to log-in to other portals within a network (State Government single sign-on requirement)

System expansion

We plan to expand the system further by dividing the modules into smaller units and integrate with existing systems to cater for smaller organisations and businesses such as event planners, restaurants and cafes.

Endless journey

There is a list of over 40 more functionality and features planned for Cimara over the next six to twelve months including security upgrades, refresh of the communication mobile app and system configuration automation, just to name a few.

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