Cimara mobile app 2.0 is almost here

Cimara mobile app 2.0 comms user interface

It’s almost here. After many months of development, the public release of Cimara mobile app 2.0 is only weeks away. Take your workforce communication to a whole new level. Built meticulously on a robust React Native framework for high compatibility with Android and iOS devices, the long awaited mobile app is smooth and fast. It is highly improved and is now integrated with Cimara rostering and member availability calendar.

Multi-organisation support

A user who is a member of other organisations that uses Cimara is now able to use the same mobile app to access their account with each organisation. Example: A member of ACT PCS or ESA can be a RFS and or SES volunteer member.

Improved user-experience

The new mobile app user-interface has been completely revamped and designed with users in mind. All the features of the old app has been accommodated for and improved in the new.

  • Members can download a copy of messages to the app for access at any time even without internet connectivity.
  • Users will receive mobile push notifications each time they receive a message and when someone responds to their message.
  • Notifications can now also be received on smart watches that support Android and iOS notifications.
  • Support for two-way communications between responding members is much improved.
  • All member responses are viewable by all addressed recipients.
Cimara mobile app 2.0 My Calendar and My Workforce Roster user interface
Roster and Availability Calendar integrated
  • Workforce roster and member availability calendar has been integrated seamlessly in the one mobile app.
  • Members can also view their workforce roster in read-only format.
Cimara mobile app 2.0 other enhancements user interface
Other enhancements
  • Members can send text, RSVP request, video, audio, image and file attachment messages from the mobile app for admin review and approval, while admins can distribute messages directly from the app to their selected recipients.
  • Keywords contained in a message title and body can now be searched.
  • Admins while using the web portal can now send roster updates to one or a group of members.
  • Video compression for Android mobile phones have been implemented. iOS mobile phones support the feature by default.
  • Members are now also able to update their personal details on the app.
  • Advance error handling support.
  • Message list lazy loading support to reduce loading time.
  • Data caching to reduce internet usage and improve user experience.
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