372 Digital officially launches its Cimara software

Cimara software launch

Friday, 31 August 2018 marks the official launch of Cimara. Developed as part of the ACT Government Small Business Innovations Partnerships program, Cimara is a commercial off-the-shelf, COTS software designed to make workforce management simple.

To highlight all of Cimara’s capabilities at the launch event, a demonstration was set up to allow individuals to road test its features, namely the communication product distribution, incident management, rostering, resource management and the availability calendar. As the system is highly modularised, these features are just the beginning with a dedicated team working to expand Cimara’s capability as new requirements arise.

The real-time responsiveness demonstration of the communication module, proved to be very impressive as the speed and ease of distribution was clearly visible. The variety of communication products able to be distributed also surprised individuals with the ability for users to distribute pdf documents, images, audio, video and availability requests.

The user centred design craft of the Cimara interface was continued on to the branding for the evening with pull up banners and flyers offering further information while maintaining the Cimara look and feel, thus giving a professional edge to the event.

To reach this achievement has taken a lot of time, dedication, focus and many late nights not to mention the time taken to come up with the name. Cimara is derived from the features within the software and is an acronym for communication, incident management and resource allocation.

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the launch event as well as clients and friends who were unable to attend for their encouragement and support. Thank you to Jed from Random Computing Services and Andrew and Chris from Rollercoaster Digital for their kind words on the evening, Hudson’s Catering for the food and Subsdance dancers, Bachatamor dance group and DJ Allan Dantas for their wonderful entertainment. We also very much like to extend our thanks to Josh from Digital Content Studios for doing a great on the mic and capturing the event on video, which we look forward to sharing with everyone.

We are excited for the opportunities that Cimara offers and are now focused on developing relationships with clients, stakeholders and users to further expand Cimara.

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