Something big is in the works

Our production team have been very busy working on a prototype to extend the Incident Management capability of Cimara this month. Imagine having the ability to create incident plans and manage a large workforce of staff and appliances, while in a remote location and without internet connectivity? It’s quite a big extension and is one that we look forward to releasing soon. We did a test run of the prototype today and all functional components that we planned on finishing this month worked perfectly.

Custom CSV reporting

We did more work on the Custom CSV Reporting feature this month, adding more data filtering and date range options.

Load balancer

We made improvements to the way load balancing is handled on all our installations with Amazon Web Services. The update also noticeably improves our software’s performance and response times.

General UI improvements

Several user interface items have been keeping our designers on the edge for some time now and even though we have not addressed them all, they can rest better knowing that most were taken care of this month.

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