New Cimara Mobile App draft user interface design

Apologies for this update is a few days late, but like they say, “It’s better late than never.”. We attended the AFAC 2019 event last week in Melbourne and have had no time to put this together. Wow, that trip was some experience! It is humbling to see so many people who work to keep us safe come together in the one location; to collaborate and discuss the current and future of emergency services in Australia and New Zealand.

Cimara Mobile App 2.0

We have begun the work on a complete overhaul of the Cimara communication app. In this update, the mobile app will house both the communication and availability apps. The update will allow agencies to effectively engage in a two-way communication with their staff and volunteers, as well as give members the ability to view their roster assignments and manage their availability. A draft preview of the new mobile app user interface is above.

Cimara Remote

In our July update, we hinted that we were working on something big. I am now pleased to announce that we have completed the work, and that is the Cimara Remote prototype. The Cimara Remote Hub in Cimara Remote is a device that gives land management agencies the ability to create incident plans and manage a large workforce of staff and appliances, while in a remote location and without internet connectivity. It interacts with a Cimara Remote App to provide personnel access to relevant information while away from an Incident Control Centre. The prototype video can be viewed by going to


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